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Cam Belt Kit + Water Pump. Security Locks & Car Covers.

PIERBURG Throttle Body For MITSUBISHI GRANDIS SEAT LEON 7.14393.26.0. With car brakes, as with any safety component, there can be no short-cuts. Mister-Auto only approves products that are consistent, reliable and superior quality. Mister-Auto ensures this by engineering discs and pads that are far superior to generic aftermarket counterparts. Mister-Auto sets the bar in quality, tolerances, premium metals and manufacturing equipment that delivers premium quality brake discs and pads.

Febi Bilstein has a long history of producing all sorts of products. Since its creation in 1844 by Ferdinand Bilstein the brand has stood for cutlery, chains and knives, screws and nuts and finally from the 1920s onwards, car parts. Starting with the production of spring bolts, Febi parts now also include a wide range of aftermarket suspension parts for passenger car and commercial vehicles. Today Febi has branches in 69 countries and Febi Bilstein parts are available all over the world.

The brand Bosch, although originally founded in Germany in 1886, has been established in the U. Alone the company has 36 offices and branches. The brand has become synonymous with innovation and the production of trustworthy and reliable products in different areas. Bosch is a well-known brand for all sorts of home appliances and other consumer goods but issues equally high quality products for the automotive industry. Bosch car parts are issued both for private consumers and manufacturers. Bosch parts are available for almost all categories, from brake parts to filters to windscreen wipers or electronic parts including starters, alternators, plugs or lambda sensors. The brand Castrol is well-known for the production of lubricants.

In the automobile industry, Castrol is predominantly known for its high-quality engine oil. Castrol was created in 1899 by Charles'Cheers' Wakefield.

Wakefield had high expectations for the combustion engine and its possibilities. As a result, Castrol oil was introduced into the automobile industry early on. Castrol quickly acquiered a good reputation which lead to the usage of Castrol engine oil in the racing industry. After race cars, engine oil went on to be used in normal passenger cars thanks to Wakefield's capacity to make use of the excellent results that were achieved in races.

Today Castrol is a multinational company with 10 000 employees all over the world. Castrol products are available in over 60 countries and the company disposes of an enormous distribution network of over 100 countries worldwide. Contitech parts are produced at platns all over the world. Being an expert in rubber technologies, the Contitech offer includes several car parts including timing and drive belts but also accessory parts to the drive train like tensioner and guide pulleys. Car part supplier Delphi designs and produces a wide range of different car parts.

Delphi is a car part make of American origin and is since 1999 part of General Motors which also owns car makes including Vauxhall in Britain and Opel in Germany in addition to several American makes. Delphi however is an independent company, just like the car manufacturers. Delphi sells car parts in a wide range of categories from brake parts to suspension parts. You'll also find electric car parts, filters or ac parts.

Kyb Corporation was created as the Kayabe Research Centre in 1919 in Japan. From the beginning Kyb has been producing hydraulic and electronic products.

For the automobile industry Kyb is predominantly known for the manufacturing of hydraulic car parts including shock absorbers and dampers. In the automotive industry the Kyb shock absorbers and coil springs known for their excellent quality. Kyb produces suspension parts for both OE manufacturers and the aftermarket.

In 2005 the brand name officially became Kyb. Today Kyb is the largest supplier of both OE and aftermarket shock absorbers and struts in the world. Kyb shocks are available all over the world.

The company has 32 offices and 15 manufacturing plants in 21 countries. In Europe Kyb has 6 branches that all supply suspension parts to the European aftermarket. Car part brand Luk is part of the German Schaeffler Group that also owns brands including INA and FAG. Luk has been created in the UK in 1987 and has increasingly acquired a reputation of innovation and excellent quality drive train parts. Luk produces drive train parts for both OE manufacturers and the aftermarket.

Every year Luk issues 225 000 clutches and 450 000 clutch discs. Today Luk clutch parts are available in 50 countries worldwide.

Mann Filter is part of Mann + Hummel which was founded in 1941 in Ludwigsburg in Germany. From the start, the filter has specialised in the production of car filters.

During the first decade of its existence Mann and Hummel focussed on the development of technically better filters. From the end of the 1950s the company started its international expansion. In 1978 the first multiple feed station was issued and in 1981 plastic engine intake manifolds started being developped.

In 1984 the first Mann filter with a plastic housing was produced. More recently, from the 1990s, Mann and Hummel expanded their activity to other contitents, not least to the U. Today Mann + Hummel has over 50 locations worldwide where they produce both OE and aftermarket filters. Monroe is a car part brand that has been around since the first cars appeared on Britain's roads in the early 1900s. Founded in 1918 as the American Brisk Blast Manufacturing Company, Monroe originally produced tire pumps.

Only a year later in 1919 this became The Monroe Automobile Equipment Manufacturing Company. As early as 1938 Monroe produced the first actual shock absorber for cars. Twenty years later the brand was known as producing the best shock absorbers in the world. In the 1960s the company started producing stabilising units as well including coil springs and suspension struts.

Today Monroe produces a wide range of OE suspension parts all over the world. SKF started in 1907 as the Aktiebolaget Svenska Kullagerfabriken in Sweden. As quickly as only a year later offices opened in Germany and France and SKF's activity expanded to other European countries including Belgium, Finland and Denmark. In 1915 the single row bearing was produced, also known as the Volvo bearing. Throughout its history SKF has rapidly expanded over countries not only in Europe but worldwide. During its long history, the focus has remained on the production and technological development of wheel bearings. Today SKF has locations in 40 countries and continues to technically improve on their products.

SKF parts are available for OE manufacturers and the aftermarket. TRW Automotive has a long history of over 100 years. At the start TRW and its sister companies produced all sorts of car parts including cap screws and the first two-piece engine valve. The wooden wheels on the Ford T were TRW parts as well.

Halfway the 1940s TRW started producing power brake systems. Fourty years later it issed an ABS system for the rear wheels only and four wheel ABS in 1994. Today TRW brake parts are equipped with the latest safety technologies and known for their high quality. Car part supplier Valeo started in 1923 in France near Paris with the production of brake linings and clutch parts. About ten years later, complete Valeo clutch kits became the company's main area of activity after WWII.

Thanks to the takeover of another French company producing heating and air conditioning parts, Valeo expanded its area of business. The takeover led to a restructuring during the 1960s also allowing geographic expansion towards the Italian andish markets.

The name Valeo wasn't used however until 1980 when it was taken on to ensure more unification within the company. During the rest of the 1980s Valeo expanded its activities over different continents including North and South America, Asia and other European countries.

In addition it took over Ducellier which specialised in the production of headlights and ignition systems. Although the international expansion of Valeo continued during the 1990s, the company also made excellence and technological development a top priority.

This resulted in the issuing of parking assistance systems and electronic parts allowing vehicles to become more efficient and economic. Today Valeo is known for the production of excellent quality car parts. Valeo supplies parts both to OE manufacturers and the aftermarket all over the world.

Airtex is an American brand that has been producing car parts for over 75 years. The headquarters of Airtex are located in Fairfield.

Airtex is a well-known supplier of predominantly fuel pumps to both the aftermarket as to OEM manufacturers. Airtex fuel pumps exist for a wide range of vehicles from passenger cars to lorries and special vehicles. Airtex parts are known for producing quality car parts and engineering excellence. AISIN, as one of the prominent leaders in Original Equipment automotive parts manufacturing is over 94 700 employees strong in 192 associated global subsidiaries ranked 5th in the world as OEM automotive Parts supplier.

Based on the philosophy of âQuality firstâ, AISIN is producing Water Pumps, Clutches, Transmissions, Engin and Hydraulic parts for Toyota, Mitsubishi, Mazda, Nissan, Honda, Daihatsu, Hino, Isuzu, Korean and European brands as well. The group's strength lies in its unparalleled, comprehensive technological capabilities, which combine its broad product lineup with development and production capabilities.

The Aisin group works to transcend the boundaries of products fields with a fresh perspective toward building high-value-added products that customers enjoy for their safety, performance, design and comfort. As a world leader for Asian cars, AISIN develops and manufactures products for OE & aftermarket since the last 50 years. Now, you can also enjoy its know-how for European brands. AISIN aftermarket range is divided in 5 family groups: - Clutch related products - Cooling related products - Brake related products - Engine related products - Drivetrain related products. ATE is a high quality brand for car parts, best known for its production of braking and hydraulic parts. ATE has been around since 1906 and is part of the Continental Group.

Continental Teves is a worldwide-known supplier for the automotive industry. ATE does a lot of research to improving its products for vehicle manufacturers, assists garages with special tools and test equipment and impresses drivers with the overall quality of their brake parts. The OE quality of ATE brake parts is ensured by the use of 160 different material blends.

ATE sells its products in 75 countries all over the world. It is the number 2 aftermarket supplier of brake parts in Europe. Bendix brake parts are available for all sorts of vehicles from passenger cars to tractors. Bendix is an old company which was created as early as 1869 in Wilmerding, U.

As the Westinghouse Air Brake Company. Bendix has been producing air braking systems since 1934. This proved a succesful strategy especially after WWII when air brakes became standard on all heavy vehicles. In 1982 Bendix has become an independent car part supplier to both the aftermarket and OEM manufacturers.

Today Bendix has several plants and offices as well as distribution centres in the United States and employs 19.000 worldwide. The make Beru was created in 1912 by Julius Behr and Albert Ruprecht. Beru is from German origin and started with the production of spark plugs. Last year Beru celebrated its 100th anniversary and a century of innovation on ignition parts. Starting with spark plug, Beru extended its offer to glow plugs in 1929. Those two main Beru products have over the years been improved. This resulted in the production of the rapid glow plug which shortened the preheating time of a diesel engine to 20 seconds. Another milestone was reached only 3 years later in 1978, when Beru glow plugs shortened the preheating time to 5-7 seconds. From the end of the 1980s Beru has started producing additional ignition parts including ignition coils for example. Today Beru is a multinational company with offices on different continents. The headquarters have remained in Germany however as well as the main production plant. Other production locations are in Ireland and Thailand. BGA is a car part brand that produces exclusively for the aftermarket. The British Gasket Group was created in 1929 and signed the first OE contract in 1955. From then on, the company has expanded and now has plants in the UK, Spain and in Asia. Today BGA parts are known for their quality equal to the original OE parts. Blue Print produces car parts for Asian and American makes in particular. The company produces exclusively aftermarket car parts.

Blue Print produces both electrical and mechanical car parts from brake pads to injectors. Blue Print parts despite being exclusively manufactured for the aftermarket, are an excellent alternative to your original parts as they are of the same quality. BÖLK is Mister-Auto's own label which is often a lot cheaper than the OE brands we also have in our offer.

Of course BÖLK parts are completely in accordance with existing EU regulations on car parts and safety regulations. BÖLK consists of about 2000 references of car parts for all makes and models. The Bosal Group was created in the Netherlands in 1923.

Their headquarters have since moved to Belgium however. Bosal predominantly produces steel car parts including exhaust pipes, catalytic converters but also roofrails and tow bars. Bosal exhaust parts are available for the aftermarket and for OE manufacturers.

Today Bosal makes use of 34 plants and 18 distribution centres worldwide. Electricfil was created in 1936 and produced electric wires for household equipment including washing machines and dish washers. From 1957 Bougicord has been producing wiring in cars.

New security measures came into force and Electricfil seized the opportunity to market the first Bougicord ignition leads. Bougicord became market leader for HT leads in 1959 and expanded its offer in 1975 to various car sensors. Brembo is a car part brand specialising in brake parts.

The originally Italian company was founded in 1961 and so recently celebrated its 50-year anniversary. After half a century the company has become a leading brand in braking systems. Bearing in mind Brembo didn't always produce brake parts.

The first Brembo brake discs for cars were only issued in 1964. A bit over 10 years later it produced brake discs for Formula 1 racing for Ferrari.

In 1980 Brembo revolutionised the production of brake calipers by issuing them in high resistant aluminium. Cevam was created in France in 1986 by Marcel Chauvière. Cevam as a separate brand was created from a company that was already producing driving train parts for other manufacturers including Spidan and Valeo.

From 1986 starter motors and alternators were added to the Cevam offer. In 1993 the first Cevam drive shaft was issued. Apart from refurbished car parts, Cevam produces new starters and drive shafts which are being offered to you at the best prices by Mister-Auto. Today Cevam has plants in three European countries and is available over three continents worldwide. Car part brand Corteco is part of the Freundberg Group which was created in 1849. The automobile industry consists of 33% of their turnover.

The brand Corteco is relatively new as it was only created in 1996. Corteco predominantly produces sealing and damper parts but also has pollen filters and car batteries in its offer. Corteco gaskets and sealings are particularly well-known.

Corteco dampers include control arm bushes and anti roll bar bushes. Corteco parts are available for OE manufacturers and the aftermarket. Today Corteco has 15 plants over Europe, the US and Asia. Dayco is part of Mark IV industries. Established about a hundred years ago, Dayco parts are currently available all over the world.

Dayco is particularly well-known for the production and distribution of high quality belts, tensioners and pulleys for the automotive industry. In addition they produce drive train parts for industrial and agricultural vehicles. Dayco produces car parts for both OE manufacturers and for the aftermarket. Whether Dayco belts are destined for the aftermarket or the OE manufacturers, the company strives to always satisfy its customers.

Denso is a Japanese car part supplier which was separated from Toyota in 1949. Denso produces a wide range of high quality products for both OE manufacturers and the aftermarkt sales. Denso issues predominantly aftermarket parts for the category ignition and preheating. Especially Denso spark plugs are recognised as good quality all over the world. In addition Denso is known for its commitment to producing environment-friendly car parts.

Today, Denso has production plants in 35 countries all over the world. Dolz Industries has been producing high quality water pumps for 75 years. The originallyish company is one of the few car parts manufacturers in the world who combines aliuminium melting with automised production and assembly of its products on one location. In 1979 Dolz closed a deal with Ford which entailed that Dolz produces water pumps for Ford.

In 1992 Dolz received the Q1 preferred Quality Award from Ford. From 1999 the assembly and production lines are increasingly automatised starting with the assembly phases.

Today after 75 years history, Dolz has a big plant in Spain which has been issuing water pumps since 1955. Dolz water pumps are currently available in a large number of countries all over the world. Elring started out as a trading company in 1879. The enterprise was set up by Paul Lechler in Stuttgard.

Due to various joint ventures and fusions with other companies such as Klinger, the company developed to Elring. Elring is particularly well-known for manufacturing of quality engine an sealing parts. But the company also produces parts for gearboxes, exhaust systems and transmissions.

Elring is currently present all over the world and has plants and offices in Europe, Asia, South-Africa, Brazil and the US. Car part brand FAE was created in 1952 in Spain.

FAE predominantly produces replacement parts for the automobile industry. Today FAE supplies both OE manufacturers and the aftermarket. FAE has focussed on the production of sensors and switches. In addition the offer includes glow plugs and ignition coils. Ferodo is particularly known for the development and production of brake parts.

Producing high quality braking parts for all sorts of vehicles, Ferodo is often a choice for OE manufacturers including Ford, Honda, Volkswagen, Audi or Nissan. Ferodo has been around since 1899. In more than a century the company has significantly expanded and today has branches in 34 countries for the production and distribution of Ferodo brake parts.

Gates Corporation is an American company that specialises in the production of power transmission and fluid transfer parts for various industries including automotive, tranport in general, agriculture and energy. For the automotive industry, Gates produces both OE and aftermarket car parts. The company is known particularly for the production of high quality Gates timing belts, belt tensioners, drive belts or timing belt kits. Today, Gates is a big multinational operating in 30 different countries worldwide and known for its high quality car parts. Hella is a leading brand for electrical and lighting car parts.

Hella is a family-owned company with a 100-year long history. The company was created in 1899 as the'Westfälische Metall-Industrie Aktien-Gesellschaft' in Germany.

The Hella brand was created in almost 10 years later in 1908. The company remained in Germany only for the first sixty years of its existance. In 1961 however, it expanded towards other parts of the world by starting up a plant in Australia.

Today Hella employs 29.000 in over 35 countries. The brand is known for its innovation regarding electrical and lighting systems in particular for the automotive industry. As such, the Hella Group belongs to the top 50 car parts suppliers in the world and the top 100 largest German industrial companies. INA was created in 1946 by the brothers Wilhelm and Georg Schaeffler in Herzogenaurach.

In 1949 Georg Schaeffler developed a needle roller cage for bearings. In 1952 these new bearings were used in automobile technology to replace the plain bearings used until then, including in the transmission of VW Beetles.

The company grew and opened its first plant abroad in 1956 in France. From then on the expansion increases to South America and the United States. At the same time bearing technology develops as well. In 1993 INA issues LSL cylindrical roller bearings and ball screw supports. In 1999 INA takes over clutch brand Luk and buys FAG Kugelfischer in 2001. Together with FAG, INA becomes the world's second largest roll bearing factory.

Also in 2001 General Motors awards INA the 2001 Company of the Year. Today INA wheel bearings are supplied to OE manufacturers and the aftermarket the world over. The company has 180 locations in 50 different countries.

Apart from INA it also owns other car part brands including Luk, Contitech and FAG. INA is still a family owned company headed by the late Georg Schaeffler's wife and son.

Kilen has been producing car dampers and springs for over 150 years. The origins of the company date as far back as 1675.

The initial iron factory was located a few hundred yards from the current Kilen plant. During the 1930s Kilen expanded considerably.

Today Kilen is one of the world's largest damper and spring manufacturers. Kilen supplies gas springs and coil springs to both OE manufacturers and to the aftermarket. Knecht Filters are being manufactured by Mahle.

Mahle has been issuing both OE and aftermarket parts for over 90 years. In 1920s Mahle started producing valves and pistons. Over the years the offer of car parts has expanded considerably. The latter is well-known for the production of quality suspension and steering parts. ZF supplies parts to some of the largest car manufacturers in the world.

Apart from Lemforder, ZF includes other car part brands such as Sachs. The Lemforder brand was named after the headquarters' location in Lemförde, close to Osnabrück.

Lemforder has been part of ZF Corporate since 1984 when the latter acquired a majority of shares. Initially Lemforder produced steel parts but over time, it increasingly produced car parts and suspension and steering parts in particular. Today Lemforder suspension parts are available for all sorts of passenger cars and commercial vehicles.

The car parts brand Magneti Marelli has over 90 years experience with the production and distribution of not only car parts but material for radio and television as well. The company was founded in 1891 by Ercole Marelli in Italy. Initially producing start magnets, Magneti Marelli started with the production of car batteries as early as 1929.

Ten years later Magneti Marelli started with the production of television and sound systems. In 1979 the two companies started a joint venture for the development of electronic control units for the ignition and supply systems of cars. Since the beginning of the 1980s Magneti Marelli has become an increasingly international company with a presence in 18 countries worldwide. Apart from starters, Magneti Marelli is well-known for its aftermarket car parts including car lights. The first full-led headlight was built by Magneti Marelli in 2007 for an Audi R8. NGK Spark Plugs Ltd was created in Britain in the 1960s. Especially during the last decade NGK has grown exponentially and thus become one of the most spectaculair stories in the English automobile industry. NGK initially produced replacement parts for motorbikes. From the 1970s onwards the company started issuing car parts as well. In 25 years NGKs market share of the automobile aftermarket grew from 6% to 50%. Today NGK spark plugs are market leader in Britain. Philips is a leading brand for an incredibly wide range of electrical equipment. Philips started out in 1891 as a family company belonging to the Dutch Philips family. Father Frederik Philips and son Gerard Philips were soon after the company's creation joined by Gerard's brother Anton. The latter's great commercial talent lead to the company quickly being one of the largest producers of light bulbs in the world. After starting with light bulbs, Philips' product range expanded over the course of the 20th century thanks to the invention of a medical x-ray tube in 1918. From that point on, the company's product range widened rapidly. It currently includes light bulbs for vehicles and buildings, sound and image systems and equipment such as CDs and DVDs and medical equipment. From the 2000s onwards, Philips has emphasised the role it wishes to play as an innovator but also as a conscious company not least by dividing in three sectors: Healthcare, Lighting and Consumer Lifestyle. The Lighting division is responsible for the production of all sorts of car lights. Pierburg is a relatively young Czech company which was only created in 2004. Despite this short history, Pierburg has an excellent reputation of producing quality products.

Pierburg predominantly manufactures electronic car parts such as air flow sensors for example. The Pierburg brand is part of the Kolbenschmidt Pierburg Group (KSPG), one of the leading engine part manufacturers in the automotive industry. Sachs has been around since 1895 and as such has an impressive history of developing all sorts of vehicle parts.

In the beginning, Sachs manufactured ball joints and hubs, in particular for bicycles. In the years prior to the Second World War, Sachs manufactured complete engines, but specialised in clutches and body parts after the war. Today, Sachs produces high quality clutch parts for all sorts of vehicles. SNR is a leading brand for the production of all sorts of bearings. SNR is part of the NTN-SNR Group.

The company started out as SRO however in 1916. SRO was created by the Swiss blacksmith Jacques Schmid in Annecy.

Prior to the Second World War, SRO was already a succesful company. The war resulted in a set-back for the enterprise though. During the 1950s and'60s SNR developped the cartridge bearing which was then mounted on the Citroen 2 CV. Over these decades SNR expanded to the rest of Europe en started producing bearings for other vehicles than cars. This trend lead in 1981 to the development of the first TGV train. Ever since, SNR holds the world speed record for the fastest train. SNR merged with NTN in 2007 and currently has a presence in countries all over the world. Textar was founded in 1913 as a sales company.

Textar is a brand owned by the American TMD Friction Group that also owns brands including Mintex and Pagid. Textar brake parts were originally fitted to the Golf I or the Porsche Carrera. Textar stands for high quality braking parts both for passenger cars, race cars and commercial vehicles. Today Textar parts are the widest range of brake products available for passenger cars, including brake pads and brake discs.

VDO is one of the world's leading brands in the automotive industry. Although starting out as an individual company, VDO is part of the Continental group since 2007.

VDO started out in the 1920s when Otto Schulze invented the speedometer. The latter was then being manufactured by Adolf Schindling's company OSA Apparate GmbH. This comany merged in 1928 with Deuta (Deutsche Tachometerwerke GmbH). Together they became Vereinigte Deuta OTA or VDO.

The Second World War however lead to many manufacturing plants being destroyed. Despite this setback, the company took up its activity again in 1949 and with great success. Starting with speedometers for bicycles and mopeds, demand for measuring instruments for motor vehicles also grew rapidly.

Independent since 1973, innovation and research at VDO lead to the invention of the electric cruise control, quartz crystal clocks for aeroplane's cockpits and central information systems. After several ventures with other companies such as Siemens AG, VDO Adolf Schindling merged in 2007 with Continental. Within the latter VDO is the central pillar of the Commercial Vehicles and Aftermarket division. As such, VDO produces all sorts of measuring instruments and other electric products not only for passenger cars and commercial vehicles but also for large vehicles including lorries and buses, ships, and aeroplanes. Today VDO employs over 80,000 people at over 130 locations worldwide.

Walker was created in 1908 by William A. Walker and his twin sons Williard and Warren. The company started out storing tyres for the winter, which was common practice at the beginning of the 20th century. People tended to use their cars only in summer. In 1916 a new plant was opened in Wisconsin in the United States. At the same time, the company became the Walker Manufacturing Company. The first Walker exhaust parts were issued in the early 1930s. The existing centre silencers on cars were little tin cans and so Walker used the opportunity to improve exhaust parts. From then on, Walker specialised in the manufacturing and distribution of exhaust parts. In 1941 the first stainless steel middle silencer was produced. By the 1960s the automobile industry had significantly developed resulting in an increasing number of cars on the roads. With that became the need to limit polluting and poisonous gasses.

Over the 1960s Walker did a lot of technological research that eventually led to the issuing of the first catalytic converter in 1970. In the meantime Walker had been bought by Tenneco Inc. The automobile branch of Tenneco's became an independent company in 1999.

Today Walker parts are available for OE manufacturers and the aftermarket. The company has plants and engineering centres all over the world.

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